Mandatory Daily Biomarkers for Trending Analysis

The Importance of Daily BIomarkers


As the GDF11 paper states, you need to take these daily measurements, and place them into a trending spreadsheet.  We look at the trending of your HRV, BP, pulse, reaction time to determine your optimal GDF11 dose.

Here are the daily biomarkers that we require:

Heart Rate Variability


We give you a CorSense HRV sensor which sends heart data to the Elite HRV app you run on your phone.

Your daily measurements of HRV, RMSSD and PNN50, which should go up on GDF11, must be entered into your trending spreadsheet.  

Blood Pressure and Pulse


We give you an Omron blood pressure/pulse meter for daily input of these key biomarkers.

BP and pulse should go down on GDF11.



To measure lung function, we give you this Microlife spirometer to measure  

peak expiry flow (PEF) and forced expiry in one second (FEV1).  

Everyone's PEF improves on GDF11.

Reaction Time


Reaction time, a key biomarker of neurological health, is taken daily on

ALL members of the GDF11 cohort have seen significant reductions in reaction time.

Waking Glucose


We give you this AccuCheck Aviva blood glucose meter to check your waking blood sugar every morning. 

Waking glucose should go down with GDF11 supplementation.


Mimi Hearing Test

The Mimi hearing test is a very accurate hearing test you can take on your phone.  We require at least one test per week.  Everyone's hearing improves on GDF11, especially in the high frequency range.

Smell and vision improve significantly on GDF11 also, but we chose hearing as a sensory biomarker since it is the easiest to measure.

Mechanism of action of GDF11 in the senses believed to be moving progenitor cells into an active state in the auditory, retinal and olfactory epithelia.


CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement

Hand grip strength is a fun biomarker and let's hear it for a strong handshake! You'll be happy to know that everyone's hand grip improves on GDF11 - typically 15+ percent.

We give you this digital hand grip dynamometer so you can track your hand strength improvement on GDF11.


Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App

GDF11 reactivates muscle stem cells (satellite cells), so most of the cohort sees  increased lean muscle mass and some body fat reduction.  We give you this scale helps us track your body composition progress on GDF11.


Body Temperature

We give you this Metene Forehead and Ear thermometer to measure your waking body temperature. Because GDF11 reduces inflammation, your waking body temperature should trend down.