What is GDF11?

GDF11 Molecule

GDF11 is an endogenous (meaning it's natural and you have it in you) signalling molecule whose main mechanism of action is stem cell DNA repair.  Most of aging is likely caused by the atrophy of your stem cell populations due to declining GDF11 levels and many believe this is natural selection's way of programming lifespan.  Fortunately, adding exogenous GDF11 can generally repair enough of senescent stem cells to reverse your age 5 to 10 years.   And we have biomarker evidence to support this.

Not only do we have biomarkers suggesting GDF11 can take you back at least 5 years, we also have data showing that it can greatly slow aging as long as you continue to replace your GDF11 that is lost over time.  As per the GDF11 Paper, you only need to replace 80 picograms per month, if that.

GDF11's strongest suits are cardiac, neural, skin and endothelial repair.  

Cardiac repair is shown by increased HRV as well as lower blood pressure, pulse and augmentation pressure/index biomarkers.

Neurogenesis, which is the growth and development of nervous tissue, is evidenced by significant improvements in reaction time and processing speed biomarkers.

Endothelial repair, which refers to the repair of the linings of your blood vessels, is another strength of GDF11.  This results in increased blood flow to all organs, especially the brain.

Other improvements from GDF11 supplementation include improved skin elasticity, spirometry (lung function), kidney and liver function.

By the way, that beautiful "squiggle" at the top of this page is the structure of the GDF11 molecule as well as our logo.  It's the largest cytokine in the human body weighing in at 45,091 Daltons.  GDF11 is almost 8 times the size of insulin and therefore needs to be injected. GDF11 injections take only a few seconds per day to administer. 

A fascinating fact about GDF11 is that its structure is conserved across all vertebrate species e.g., cat, mouse and human GDF11 are all exactly the same.  No other cytokine/peptide/hormone can claim this and it strongly suggests how important GDF11 is to life!

READ our GDF11 white paper