How To Take Your Daily Biomarkers

Biomarkers Must Only Be Taken Upon Waking


Consistency of taking daily biomarkers is critical.  Unfortunately, the only consistent time of day for all of us is when we wake up.  Needless to say, just one cup of coffee or a phone call can radically influence biomarkers like blood pressure, pulse or HRV.

Sorry about the early morning interruption.  But once you start to see key biomarkers improve on GDF11, taking them first thing in the morning can often be one of the best parts of your day!

Waking Blood Pressure


Place the blood pressure cuff on your right or left arm (be consistent) and try to relax for 3 to 5 minutes.  Either sitting up or lying down is OK, but once again, be consistent.

Once you are relaxed, turn on blood pressure meter, press start, cuff will  inflate and deflate and then BP reading will appear.  Record systolic and diastolic BP in your daily trending biomarker spreadsheet.

Heart Rate Variability


This biomarker requires that you use Bluetooth on your phone to pair the CorSense HRV sensor to your Elite HRV  phone app.

When you receive the CorSense, charge it up for an hour using  the USB cord that comes with it.

Then download Elite HRV to your phone.  Then place your finger into the CorSense  which will turn it on - note the blue flashing light.

On your phone, go to Settings then Bluetooth and you should see the CorSense.  Press on it to connect to it.

In the Elite HRV app, go to the "More Menu" (click 3 dots on lower right) and under "Preferences", click "Connect HR Monitor".

Once you are connected, go to the main menu (press house button at bottom) and run the Morning Readiness test which takes 2 minutes.  Once it is done, enter the pulse, HRV and RMSSD numbers from this test into your daily trending biomarker spreadsheet.

Reaction Time


The reaction time test is done on your computer from  Go to the site, hit "Click to Start" and click as fast as you can with your mouse when it says "Click!'.  It will go through 5 iterations and you need to record the average of the 5 tests in your spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT:  You MUST use the same computer every day for the reaction time test!  Input/output speeds vary from computer to computer which can really skew RT results.  So if you travel a lot, do the RT test on your laptop and always use the laptop even if you are at home.



Push the blue button on your Microlife spirometer, let it show you your last test results and wait for it to beep.

Then blow as fast and hard as you can into the spirometer until it beeps again.  It will then display peak expiry flow (PEF) and forced expiry in one second (FEV1).  Record both of these in your spreadsheet.

Microlife recommends that you actually do 3 PEF/FEV1 tests in succession and record the best one in your spreadsheet.

If you have time and don't mind a bit of huffin' and puffin', please do this.

Waking Glucose



  1. After washing your hands, insert a test strip into your meter.
  2. Use your lancing device on the side of your fingertip to get a drop of blood.
  3. Touch and hold the edge of the test strip to the drop of blood, and wait for the result.
  4. Your blood glucose level will appear on the meter's display.
  5. Record waking glucose results in your spreadsheet.

If you have never taken your glucose before, you might want to watch this video first.

CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement


Interestingly enough, this hand grip dynamometer is designed for 19 users.  Hand grip party anyone?!

The first time you use it, it asks you to set up user #1 by entering your age.  After that, just press ON followed by START.  Display should say "0.0".  Then pull handle down with your right or left hand (be consistent) as hard as you can and record weight in pounds on our spreadsheet in "Handgrip" column.

Body Temperature


Ear temperature is much more reliable, so please remove cover from top of thermometer.

Press large button above display - thermometer will "boot" and display last reading.

Wait for "dashes" to appear and insert thermometer in right or left ear (please be consistent).

Hold power button down for about 1 second until you hear beep.  Record displayed temperature in your spreadsheet.

3 buttons below display are to turn on/off speaker, display historical temperatures and turn on/off light.

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Analyzer


oThe Renpho scale has to be one of the coolest home scales on the market because it Bluetooths all your body comp data to your phone and graphs/trends it for you.

Begin by downloading the Renpho app to your phone.  Step on the scale briefly to turn it on and connect to the Renpho using the Bluetooth section of the settings on your phone.

Then fire up the app and note you need to enter your age, height  and sex so that it can compute body comp.

Then step on the scale in bare feet and stand on it long enough to have it measure both your weight and body comp.

When it's done you'll hear a whirl sound followed by a bell.

Record your weight, body fat and muscle mass in your spreadsheet please.

Note you can hit the "Trends" button in the app and see how you are trending in terms of weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc.


Mimi Hearing Test

Download the free Mimi Hearing Test app to your phone.  Plug in a decent set of headphones and follow instructions displayed on phone.

Test is done on both right and left ears by seeing how well you can discern a beeping sound of various frequencies from background white noise.

Record both right and left hearing scores into your spreadsheet.  Note that this hearing test only has to be done once/week.