Doctor's Office Biomarkers


Biomarkers done at your doctor's office are key to determining your GDF11 program's efficacy

We call the more sophisticated biomarkers "doctor's office biomarkers" since most people do not have this type of equipment at home.

The easiest way to have your biomarkers done is to go to an anti-aging doctor.  If you can get to New York City, we highly recommend visiting Dr. Joe Raffaele of Raffaele Medical.  Dr. Raffaele developed the sophisticated "Biomarkers of Aging" report which is featured/discussed many times on this site.  The BOA report is unquestionably the gold standard of age biomarker reporting.

Dr. Raffaele also has Physioage affiliate doctors that use the BOA software. These Physioage doctors/affiliates can do the biomarkers for you and run the BOA report for you.

If none of these are near you, try Googling “Anti-aging doctor <your city name>”.  

Note that if you go to Raffaele Medical in New York, or a Physioage Affiliate, they will do the following six biomarkers for you:  Sphygmocor, CIMT, CNS Vital Signs, spirometry, skin elasticity and body composition.  After they enter your biomarker data, they will produce a Biomarkers of Aging report which gives you your overall “Physioage” plus cardioage, neuroage, etc.  .

The above biomarkers are around $500 and you need to do baselines before you start on GDF11. We will inform you well into your GDF11 program when we think you are ready for 2nd round biomarkers.

If you don't mind spending a few extra dollars, we highly recommend you have Raffaele Medical or one of their affiliates do a full blood panel (often covered by insurance) as well as the UCLA Immune Panel and the Repeat Diagnostics telomere length tests.  These are both blood tests and typically run $300 each.

If you have any blood tests done by Physioage, a consultation with the doctor is usually required to review the baseline blood tests/biomarkers for any issues.  The consultation typically runs $500.

If you are not near NYC and can't find an anti aging doc near you

If you can’t find an anti-aging doctor near you, you can probably do most of them yourself with a little resourcefulness.  Remember, you need to do these biomarkers before GDF11 supplementation and again after 3 months of GDF11 supplementation.  Let’s go through each one:

Life Extension Blood Panel  - Comprehensive blood panel at a reasonable cost. Men click here and women click here. If this data is entered into the Biomarkers of Aging report mentioned above, then you have a pretty comprehensive view of where you stand in terms of aging.

DNA Methylation – This is the most accurate aging biomarker of all - this test can determine your biological age within 3 years.  Read the Wikipedia article on the epigenetic clock here., has a urine based DNA methylation test for a cost of $300. Click here to see a sample MyDNAge report.  Believe it or not, a couple people have reversed their DNA methylation age up to 6 years on GDF11 after a few months. The big question:  can they stay there?

CNS Vital Signs – These cognitive tests, which are excellent biomarkers, can be taken on your computer.  You can buy tests from  

Body CompositionThe best scale out there for this is InBody.  These scales retail for about $12,000 and most anti aging docs have one.  They are pretty ubiquitous and I have seen them at many gyms. 

Sphygmocor and CIMT -  One of GDF11’s strongest suits is cardiac repair and I strongly recommend you get both of these tests before and after GDF11 supplementation.  Once again, most anti aging docs will have these machines as well as most cardiologists.

Skin ElasticityThe best machine to measure this is known as a Cutometer. Most anti aging docs and dermatologists have a Cutometer.  Another way to do skin biomarkers is to get before and after Visias done of your face: Most dermatologists have Visia machines and they will typically run a Visia for you for about $30.