Frequently Asked Questions


Is GDF11 safe?

GDF11 is not FDA approved and FDA approval for GDF11 is at least 10 years away.  However, GDF11 is endogenous, which makes it many, many times safer than man made compounds.  To understand most of GDF11's side effects and risks, please read the GDF11 Paper in the About GDF11 section.

Hundreds of people have taken GDF11 and there have been no fatalities or serious side effects. However, this does not mean you won't have issues.  The human body is an extraordinarily complex machine and it is possible that there is some outlier scenario where GDF11 could have adverse effects.

Of course, letting aging take its course is very risky in itself and the outcome is a guaranteed average age of death of 78.7 years in the US. For a wake up call on how long you are statistically expected to live, check out this actuarial life table from the Social Security Administration.

After nearly 5 years of human dosing  in hundreds of volunteers and collecting literally terabytes of biomarker data, we are confident in the safety and efficacy of GDF11. 

We also significantly cut the risk of any adverse effects of GDF11 with infinitesimal starting doses of typically 500 pg. That's 500 trillionths of a gram.

On top of that, we have sophisticated daily biomarker trending software that optimizes your dose. With this software, excess GDF11 states are extremely rare and the worst side effect we see now is occasional insomnia.

Of course, no anti aging regimen, including FDA approved ones, are risk free. If you are not willing to accept the risks, then perhaps you should wait until GDF11 is FDA approved, which will probably be after 2028. 

How much does it cost to join our GDF11 study?

Because we now have some expensive overhead e.g., biomarker analysts, costly biomarker machines, etc., the suggested donation for us to advise you on GDF11 is $7500.

Part of the donations also goes for much needed further research and development on GDF11 - you can review our wish list of GDF11 R&D projects here.

You should also budget at least $600 to procure GDF11 for a two year supply as well as $1000 for baseline and after 3 months of GDF11 "doctor's office biomarkers".

Full "doctors office biomarkers" which include UCLA immune, telomeres and a doctor's consultation are an additional $1700.

Is GDF11 available in pill form?

GDF11 cannot be taken orally because it would be broken down / denatured in the digestive process.

Remember, GDF11 is the largest signalling molecule in the human body and almost 8 times the size of insulin.  Therefore, it must be injected subcutaneously using tiny insulin needles, which are painless and this only takes a few seconds/day.

The day someone figures out how to make an insulin pill, a GDF11 pill will probably not be far behind.  But this is not in the foreseeable future.

How about some testimonials from people taking GDF11?

You got it!  Here are a few testimonials for you to read.

What about getting GDF11 from young blood or cord blood?

ASimply put, there is not enough GDF11 in a pint of young blood or cord blood to make much of a difference.  People that have transfused a pint of young blood have reported GDF11-like improvements, e.g., sharper vision, but the effects disappear after a week or two.

Also note that none of the young blood clinics have published any kind of sophisticated biomarker data such as HRV, Sphygmocor, carotid artery plaque/thickness, CNS Vital Signs, UCLA immune profiles, spirometry, etc.  Which suggests that young blood does not improve these important biomarkers.

Perhaps if you transfused a pint of young blood every week, it might have some efficacy.  However, you'd then run a serious risk of  transfusion associated circulatory overload which can be fatal.

And since most young blood providers are charging $8000 for a pint of young blood, once/week transfusions are financially impractical for most people.

Additionally, there are millions of blood borne pathogens on the planet that are not screened for since it's impractical to screen for them all.  For example, the FDA recently decided to stop screening blood on an individual basis for zika.

Note that GDF11 is made recombinately just like insulin or growth hormone.  GMP GDF11 is sterile , very pure and requires no screening.

Personally, I would never take the risk of a blood or plasma transfusion unless I was in a serious accident, had catostrophic blood loss and there were no other options.  And it looks like the FDA agrees with me.