How to Join our GDF11 study


If You Join Our Study, Your Commitment is Essential

We will be honest with you - reversing aging with GDF11 is a lot of work, especially in the beginning. You didn't really think reversing aging would be easy, did you?

The most important aspect of proper GDF11 dosing is your biomarkers.  You must be  very diligent and committed to doing both your daily waking biomarkers as well as the "doctor's office" biomarkers.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and the daily biomarkers help us adjust your dose long before any issues arise.

Suggested Donation and Biomarker Requirements


Because we now have substantial overhead e.g, daily trending biomarker analysis, employees, costly biomarker machines, etc., as well as GDF11 R&D projects, the suggested donation for us to advise you on GDF11 is $7500.

Of course, if you'd like to donate more, we'd be very grateful!  We have many GDF11 projects we'd like to fund, such as a platelet lysate test (cost: $250,000) to accurately measure GDF11 levels.

However, if you cannot afford the $7500, we are amenable to discussing lesser donations if you are willing to take on more of the work yourself.  E.g., purchasing the biomarker equipment, learning the biomarker ropes on your own (some of the biomarkers, like HRV, are not easy!) as well as cutting the analysis period from 1 year to 3 months.

You should also budget at least $500 to procure GDF11 as well as $750 for baseline and post GDF11 basic "doctor's office" biomarkers.

Full "doctors office biomarkers" which include UCLA immune, telomeres and a doctor's consultation are an additional $1700.

What We Provide

We ship you all the necessary biomarker equipment you need to take your daily biomarkers.

We review your biomarkers using sophisticated software on an ongoing basis and make recommendations for proper GDF11 dosing.  You must read the entire GDF11 paper to understand how we determine dosing recommendations based on such data as trending analysis.

We also have a GDF11 Slack community where you can share your GDF11 experiences, biomarkers, etc. with other members of the cohort.

First Steps

When you are ready to move forward with your GDF11 supplementation program, please email us at and attach a scanned signed release form.

In addition to the release form, we need to know your age, address and any medical issues that you may have.

We also like to get to know our cohort members well, so please tell us about yourself e.g., your profession, your top 3 goals of GDF11 supplementation, your favorite activities, etc.

Upon receiving your donation (please mail a check to the address on the Contact Us page) and the release form, we will ship you the equipment necessary to take your daily biomarkers. This includes blood pressure monitor, Elite HRV's CorsSense finger HRV monitor, spirometer for FEV1, link for reaction time test, etc.

Then we will send you a link to your own spreadsheet where you need to enter your daily biomarkers.  3 weeks of baselines (known formally is the "washout period") must be taken before commencing GDF11 since there is a learning curve for most of these tests.

Before starting on GDF11, you must also schedule "doctor's office" biomarkers which are described in detail here.